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If you like these free tools, you might consider donating a small amount to keep SEO review tools running. Make a donation Jasja ter Horst. Thanks in advance! Related Tools Posts. Broken link checker. Domain Rank Tracker. Website Authority Checker. Website Traffic Checker. Bulk Domain Rating Checker. Domain Authority Page Authority Checker. SEO Competitor Checker. Link Building Tool. Bulk Google Rank Checker. 80 thoughts on Free Backlink checker. Thank you for this great tool! Jasja ter Horst admin. Youre welcome Erwin! Jasja ter Horst admin. Updated version of the tool description and backlink checker features. Seems from today I see some changes in the backlink report. Cant find the follow and nofollow links in the report. What should I do? Jasja ter Horst admin. Yes since this month Ill be working with SEMrush as API provider for the Backlink Checker. So, this probably explains the changes you see in the report. Nofollow NF and followed F links are part of the report and the CSV export. A fully updated version of backlink checker will follow shortly. Explaining more details about the new data source and metrics you can expect from this Tool.
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So Moz will provide you with quality data with accuracy and speed, which is simple to comprehend. A relatively new player in the SEO industry. Ubersuggest the brainchild of Neil Patel also features a backlink checker alongside other fabulous features. It gives the option to check the links to your website as well as that of your competitions.
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Ph: 91-120-423400, 4234390-97. New Bulk Backlink Checker Features. The Site Explorer is by far the most popular tool used on Majestic. That is closely followed by our Bulk Backlink Checker, a way to speed up analysing multiple links at once.
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Ahrefs, SEMrush, and moz all works well. I usually use Ahrefs to check competitors backlinks. Just type backlink checker and then you can find ahref free tool at 1. Jan 30, 2021. Feb 20, 2020 Messages. 447 Reaction score. For me the best is https// Click to expand. neil patel showing more backlink than this.
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Once youve added your direct competitors to your Monitor Backlinks dashboard, youll always be able to see how theyre performingin terms of domain authority and many more key areasat a glance. And you can use the Monitor Backlinks Free Backlink Checker to see these metrics for your competitors.
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Keep in mind that Google will allow you to upload an entire disavow list at once, but it will also replace any lists youve uploaded in the past. Make sure that the list is comprehensive and addresses all the bad links you couldnt remove, both new and old. Step 4: Prepare for the Future. Your work isnt done after you have the bad links disavowed. Now, its time to pay closer attention to your website and prevent bad links from rearing their ugly heads again. Look into a backlink monitor and learn to regularly check for links to your site on spammy, distrusted websites. Think of your websites ranking on Google as its reputation. If you wouldnt want your name appearing on a bad site, then dont let links to your website appear on those sites in the first place. Weve discussed quite a bit in this article, from using a bad backlinks checker to find links on low-quality websites to tackling backlink removal.
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To be honest, if anyone is going to explain how to boost your DA there is no person better than Neil Patel, theres nothing wrong a little bigging up there. You can view a websites DA by using MozBar a free Chrome-extension to view your own DA or competitors, Link Explorer a backlink analysis tool, the SERP Search Engine Results Pages Analysis section of Keyword Explorer. There are other alternatives and highly rated by Neil Patel such as Uber Suggest and AHREFs Backlink Checker.
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Ahrefs checker and Mozs backlink checker called Link Explorer are free tools with limited functionality, with more available for their paid subscribers. We use a paid tool called Linkminer by Mangools. We also use SEMRush which provides a backlink analysis, as well as an audit to identify any toxic links that may be harmful to SEO. A bad or a toxic backlink is a link that either comes from a suspicious website, or has been acquired illicitly meaning it is spammy in nature. Getting rid of toxic backlinks is not easy. SEM Rush describes their recommended process for eliminating toxic links here. A review or audit of backlinks to your website will include a few important metrics in addition to the number of links. Not sure of the order of the metrics we list below. If Alexa Rank is not that important any more, then should it be first?
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Basically, with Neilpatel, you can already check out many backlinks of a particular website, but if you want the full stack of data, you can opt to upgrade and pay a little extra. So maybe one day you look at your website and you get all these questions in your head like What kind of backlinks are pointing to my site? Are they high quality? Do I need to disavow any? What sites do my competitors link into? Should I link on these websites too? Or maybe youre planning to buy a website in the future and youre thinking Is it a clean backlink profile? Have they been building backlinks legitimately? How many backlinks does that website have? There is only one way to figure it out; use a backlink checker. Sites such as Ahrefs and Neilpatel are very useful for your backlink-checking needs, and you can try both of them for free. FREE Backlink Masterclass: How To Build High Quality. Free Strategy Session. 5 Easy Ways To Get FREE Backlinks For SEO.
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The other powerful features include Search Explorer, Site Explorer, and Backlink History Checker. Get The Tool. This spectacular tool will find quality backlinks to help the site rank better on Google or any other search engine. It offers free analysis, and you simply need to enter the domain name. It will reflect the page rank obsolete metric, outbound links, and anchor text for that domain. It takes the time to update its database. It uses the Ahrefs database to show the users link profile. It displays all the backlinks in a list. It helps us to know the nofollow and dofollow links along with anchor tags. This tool lets you fetch a report for up to 1000 backlinks. Get The Tool. This tool is a free tool that gives options to check backlinks for the blog. It has a Firefox extension. It helps to check backlinks, Moz ranks, Google Page Rank, NoFollow links, DoFollow links, Alexa rank, Anchor Rank and all others.

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